"I only wanted to see my people smiling”

Poor baby.



Favourite Quotes ♡
"I’m not very sad, but I’m not very happy either; it feels like I’m somewhere in the middle." [x]

Kinda sad Kinda happy.

arwenchoi said: It was sent on a private message on tumblr by sb on the production team. Yes, I’m arwenchoi. I wasn’t logged in when I sent u the message. I’m not afraid to tell u who I am. Spare me the copyright speech. It is a bit off point too.

"So the best reply to pls don’t spread leaked Tazza 2 pics is " you know providing dl links to DVDs is illegal, right?".

No, the best reply is to delete the pic, what, I actually did. As I told you in my response, I really didn’t know about the staff asking to delete the picture, I was honest about that and I deleted the picture.

Actually I follow your Twitter, because I really like what your post about TOP. I believe you are a great fan of him, but sometimes, in your urge to defend him, you like to point the bad about other fans, saying things like “this fan does this and that, it’s offensive, etc”. But do you realize that fans sometimes act passionately, even if they only want the good for their idol? Beside great part of the fandom is made by young people, and they can be furious about their love.

I mean, we should be at least more comprehensible with each other. We are all fans and I do a lot more for Big Bang in my own country than to tweet all day about “how I fuck love them, etc”.

By the way, I only talked about the illegal issue, because you used it with me, when you just needed to ask me to delete the pic, mentioning that the staff asked people no to post it.

Believe, I’m not trying to be offensive or ironic. I’m just pointing my view of things. Peace.


Where are the great Big Bang translators? Nowadays people only translate the article title or, if they are inspired, some quote here and there.

I miss the time when we got the full interviews and articles translated.

Anonymous: Your /post/84955703119/colour-here-heaven-here the video is private :(

The video isn’t mine, and when I posted the link it was public. Sorry.


The font size of “seungri” is even bigger than “Taeyang”

And the way Seungri supports Taeyang is too much more funny and eye catching. Not to mention he actually took his time to make an original pic and even asked someone to work on it. Not only boringly posting the same pic we all already saw.

Anonymous: Hi, sorry to bug you. You do know Tazza 2 staff has specifically asked for the leaked pics like the one you posted to be removed from all sns, right? It's not just the request of a co-actor but someone from the production team saying there will be legal action against those who keep posting the pics. Just thought I should let u know. They have tumblr.

I didn’t know that Tazza 2 staff had asked for that. Where did they post about it? (By the way, they should be more careful, and they couldn’t take any legal action against me, but to the person who originally leaked the picture).

But thank you.

And I probably know who you are, since you told the same thing in your Twitter some minutes ago. And if you really are who I think you are, probably you know that provide download for DVDs are illegal too, right? ;)

The leaked picture (that anybody can easily find on Google) looks scarily from the scene above. Dear God…

Source: graphicor

Anonymous: everyone tells something else, i heard he cheated on her and also other rumors i think we should just stop caring no one knows what really happend and it doesnt concern us

I was just responding to someone’s ask. To tell you the true, I don’t care about his life. I was just giving my opinion to someone that asked me to.

Don’t need to lecture me about it. It’s up to me to decide what concerns me and not. Plus, we, as fans, are emotionally involved with our idols, so if I want, I can talk about it, I can make my own assumptions and I can concern about his life if I feel this way.

Anonymous: they WERE together tho, danny indirectly confirmed it haha

I’m not saying otherwise. I’m telling that since I really don’t know them I can’t tell. Danny was being very satirical in my opinion. But you must know the real true. Good for you.